Monday, April 7, 2014

"Can we meditate again?"

~18 mi to Cary
~15 mi to Raleigh
~15 mi to Cary

I left Durham feeling rejuvenated, having had the opportunity to take a yoga class myself the night before. I really felt like I needed it, too. A physical and emotional release. Self-care is important. I am working on this...

The next class would be in Raleigh, but I was staying in Cary about 15 miles away from Raleigh.

I get excited to be back on the bike. Little-kid-excited. Wide-eyed. Nervous, but a little more prepared each time. The ride just was 18 miles to Cary, so I arrived around 9:30 AM, in time to have breakfast with my lovely hosts Susan and Carol.

Class the next morning would be held in a gym with the Raleigh Girls Club. We did two classes of about 20 girls each, ages 8-14.

I am grateful that Janelle of Activate Good was there to photograph the classes. I never capture any photos before/during/after classes to respect everyone's confidentiality, so it is always nice when a staff member happens to be there photographing.

The size of these groups was larger, and they were quite energetic. So, I met them where they were at.

In each class we did an hour of movement, breath and a 1-minute silent meditation. We also played a Tree/Wind game, the goal of which is to hold a focus so strong in Tree pose (Vriksasana) that even the wind can't distract you or make you fall.

Focus. One-pointedness (Dharana). One of the "Eight Limbs" of yoga. A tool which invariably aids us in our process of going inward, of self-growth, of noticing our emotions, of being able to self-regulate.

We also 'traveled the world' with a map I had brought and explored yoga in other countries before it was time to return to Raleigh (use your imagination).

We ended with Savasana and again talked about how we can practice yoga in our lives off the mat.
One student said, "We can practice when we're walking down the street."

As we were closing, another student asked, "Can we meditate again?"

To the reader: how can you incorporate yoga into your life?

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