Thursday, April 24, 2014

Slow down, take it easy


~38 miles to Dacula, GA
~20 miles towards Acworth; car to Acworth

I'm not sure if it was the Universe's method of communicating to me to slow down, but the ride to Acworth was challenging. 

Leaving Athens, I had expected to make it to Acworth in two days in preparations for classes in Atlanta. I was thrilled to be getting close to Acworth because I have family (aunt, uncle, cousins) there. 

I can't express how truly lucky I've been to meet so many amazing humans while traveling; there is a savior in a stranger's smile. But there is a rare feeling of 'home' that comes with familiarity (ie- seeing family in Acworth, seeing Jaron in Athens), and I sure have been jonesing for that comfort of home.

Each day I am on the move, carrying with me my life in two bags. My bike has been my home. I crave simplicity; I am anxious by clutter; I yearn to streamline further to have no extraneous distractions between me and my source. But it is very challenging, too.

On the first of two days on the trek to Acworth, I was unable to make it as far as anticipated; there were thunderstorms which left me finding a new location on the map to settle down for the night. The next morning I'd finish the ride to Acworth.

But the next morning, the weather was worse. Not as rainy as the previous day, but the winds were treacherous. I've seen the wind break people down. I've seen the wind make a good man cry.

After 20 miles of fighting the wind (and fighting myself), I deemed it unsafe to continue in this weather. I called my aunt for vehicle relief. We'd meet just a few miles away at a grocery store. I paced myself to get there.

When I arrived near our meeting place, I got off of the bike to walk it down a hill through the parking lot to where I'd soon meet my aunt. The bike (about 70-80 pounds with its full weight) quickly accelerated down the hill as the wind picked up. I held onto the handle bars to prevent the bike from falling, and between the weight, the wind, and the hill, both the bike and I toppled down onto the cement. I landed on the chainring which dug into my leg, bending the chainring so badly that the bike was unrideable. I fell walking with the bike. Moments before meeting my aunt for vehicle relief. I suppose there couldn't have been better timing for an accident. I was very sore, but okay.

Classes the next two days would be in Marietta and Atlanta, but with the bike now unrideable and my leg being on the mend, I was lucky and glad to have the option of borrowing my aunt's car or else I'd have had to cancel classes.

Perhaps the universe is saying slow down, take it easy.

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