Monday, April 7, 2014


~75 miles to Hope Mills, NC

After class in Raleigh, I went back to Cary where I took the first day "off" all tour-- no biking or teaching.

Feeling hopeful of the prospect of Spring, I gathered together my scarf, gloves, winter jacket, etc., went to the post office, and mailed them home to Philadelphia. I dreamed about this day two weeks ago when it was snowing.

It feels so good to simplify. To unload. Now I'm carrying a few pounds less on the bike, as well.

The next class is in Columbia, and I was planning to take 4 days to get there. I was excited to be on the bike again and was prepared for the 75 miles to Hope Mills. I got my first sunburn, as I'm still getting acclimated to it being warm during the rides. And I had so much energy that I arrived to Hope Mills in no time.

I was spending the night with Gene and Diane and their grandson Matthew. Matthew led the family in saying grace. It's interesting to see what a kid considers to be important, to reflect on.

After dinner and shower, I rested my head and awoke early the next morning for the next stop on the way towards Columbia. 

Before I left, Gene, an army civilian, offered one piece of advice: "There are no aliens in Area 51."

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