Thursday, April 17, 2014

Savior in a stranger's smile

Let me share a couple stories, just in case anyone's having a rough day and is needing a reminder of how genuinely good humans can be...

-stopped at a baptist church 18 miles outside of Florence, SC. Was running low on water and hoped theyd let me refill. Not only did they give me water, but an elderly woman wanted to follow me the rest of the way to Florence to make sure I arrived safely. Unsure whether she knew itd take me about an-hour-and-a-half, I told her so, and she responded 'Oh, its no problem, ive got nothing to do but make dinner later.' And she followed me for an-hour-and-a-half to Florence. Patiently. To make sure I arrived safely. And when i did, she said 'Love you' and drove off. We never even exchanged names.

-stopped at a gas station to get water in Abbeville, SC, and a woman (Ellen) approached Me to chat and then invited me to come to her lake house several miles away to swim and eat before i continued on the rest of my ride. I biked to her home, swam in the lake, and then she fixed me a delicious lunch and sent me on my way with additional snacks. She even offered to help me find a place to stay in the town i was heading

-i was laying on a bench outside of a gas station-- somewhere in georgia-- feeling totally exhausted and destroyed by the sun. A man (Mario) came up to me to say hello and see what i was up to. We chatted and then he got back to his car as if to leave. Moments later he came back up to me, handed me $6 and said, 'i want you to have this.' And then he continued on his way, and i knew that was alot of money for him.

-last night in Athens, GA, i was fortunate enough to eat a delicious catered lunch and dinner with friends of Amos Lee (who were playing that night in Athens). After the show, it was late and i needed to head to bed to leave early the next day and continue on. Jaron Olevsky skipped out on hanging out in Woody Harrelson's bus with everyone (Woody was at their show and 'after party', seriously) so he could make sure i had a place to sleep that night, and he sent me off with food and snacks for the next day.

-tonight i am supposed to stay with a husband and wife (wayne and dede) in Cumming, GA. Dede's mother just passed away two days ago, so they needed to leave to go to Indiana for services. Wayne offered to stay home to make sure i was able to get into his house and still have a place to stay, rather than him head to Indiana with his wife. I told him to please go to indiana and not worry about me, i of course understood. They left their door unlocked and food in the fridge for me, even though theyre in indiana. Ive never met them.

There is no shortage of stories. Call me if youre needing another reminder.

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