Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ahimsa; challenging my feminine side


~car to class in Marietta and classes in Atlanta

Class in Marietta was with youth and staff from Y.E.L.L.S. (Youth empowerment through leading learning and serving). ~8 students

Classes  in Atlanta were outdoors at the Old Fourth Ward fields with youth from Operation PEACE and an early evening class open to anyone in the community. ~16 students and 6 students, respectively.

Each class on this trip has been situational. I'll come with different ideas, but mostly I just come with an open mind to see what people are needing most.

The next day after classes, I took the day off to rest, heal the leg, get the bike fixed, and get a massage which my aunt and uncle graciously treated me to.

I'm 'new' to massages, but my massage therapist was more vocal than I think is typical. She started with some Reiki on my leg, eventually working towards a deep tissue massage on the rest of my body, with an emphasis on the shoulders (I've developed somewhat of a forward roll from all of the biking).

When she got to my left shoulder, she exclaimed 'Oh...' It was painful, and I was tense. She said, 'You're very tense on this side. This is your feminine side. Who is the woman in your life who is challenging you? Is it you?'

Like I said, very vocal. But, she is right. I am working on being softer, in holding more compassion for myself. Ahimsa-- non harming-- is very important to me, so much so that I tattooed it to my body a couple years ago. A reminder; an aide.

Talk about the learning curve of this bicycle tour, there is a learning curve to this life.


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  1. Well put, Kristen. It's a gift when we can feel a little puzzled or embarrassed or foolish and not try to run from it or beat it back. Thank you for sharing your learning curve, that we may benefit from it, too.