Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Strange Dreams; 'Ribs onto your limbs'

I have been having some strange dreams while traveling, but my dream last week in Baltimore really stuck out to me, and I wanted to share it...

Okay so, some of the details/specifics get very hairy, but I tried writing some stuff down in the middle of the night:

I was spending time with god (and I knew it was 'god' in this dream, though formless and unnamed...and I've never dreamt this character before), and we were talking about consciousness. I forget the specifics of our dialogue, but it was as if I were being consoled and also galvanized. The god character was talking about consciousness as in this vast opportunity to DO (something). And I was nodding along, affirming the character's words, but also kind of like 'I know'. And god character says ''no. Im talking about I literally put RIBS onto your LIMBS, consciousness.''
(In capital letters because of the intonation of the characters voice in the dream, and a direct quote)

The dream had a wake-up-energizing-motivating-feeling. And I woke up laughing hysterically and couldnt say why.

Rimbs into your limbs; expansion of the breath; taking flight; trusting yourself; surrendering. 

All reminders which I needed

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  1. haha that will be my motivation for the next few days. ribs on my limbs! thanks for sharing ;)