Monday, March 31, 2014

Connection is the cure

~60 mi to Richmond

It was a cold and windy ride to Richmond, but I was filled with so much excitement for the upcoming classes that nothing could stop me.

Biking through different areas on a windy day makes for an interesting bike ride; when passing through woods, the trees give bodily form to the wind. Thus, it is somewhat absorbed. But when you're biking past wide open fields in rural areas, there's nothing to give bodily form to the wind except, well, your own body. And, with about 40+ pounds of weight on the back of my bike! staying on the bike on a windy day is actually very challenging. It demands your attention. Focus. Strength.

The ride to Richmond was pleasant, nonetheless, and I napped immediately upon arriving to Dana Walters' house. Her and her husband Ben would be hosting me for three nights.

Dana is a yoga teacher and founder of Project Yoga Richmond, a yoga studio which offers donation-based classes , education, and outreach programs in their community. She/they are phenomenal.

Dana set me up with four unique opportunities to share yoga while in Richmond. On the first day, I taught an hour long class to students at Thomas Jefferson High School. In the evening I had the opportunity to co-teach with the lovely Jonathan Miles at Project Yoga Richmond (PYR). 

The class "sold out" and we squeezed mats a half inch from each other. Dana later mentioned that class afforded PYR to provide 8 future yoga outreach programs in their community. Awesome!

The next day, Dana and I held space (a PYR booth) at a health fair at John Marshall High School. Students had a sheet of questions they were supposed to answer after visiting each booth. Their question for us was "What is yoga?"

I love that question. Because yoga can be anything. Doing anything with an attention to how you feel is yoga.

After the health fair, Dana and I headed to Brook Ridge School, where I was to give a talk with the students there about yoga and about what I am doing. I wasn't sure what to expect prior to arriving, but the room was packed with students, faculty and parents. 

The moment I asked if anyone had any questions for me, half the room raised their hands.

Kids are so inventive, so honest. I answered questions for the next 45 minutes and only stopped there because it was time to go. I even had the opportunity to chat one-on-one with a few students briefly after the meeting.

Afterwards, I was donated a 60-minute massage to which my body, so sore and tender, thoroughly enjoyed, especially with my oncoming cold. 

My few days in Richmond were a true pleasure, and I thank Dana a thousand times over for all of the opportunities and support as well as for hosting me.

One of my favorite questions from the kids was: "What will you do if you get all the way to Miami and realize you forgot your bag?"

Hah. Connection is the cure.

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  1. I've seen the wind cause people to sob. You're incredible and strong. :-)