Saturday, May 3, 2014

Retract and return

~62 miles to Apopka
~20 miles to class in Orlando

The weather is getting hotter these days, and I am slowly realizing that I need to depart earlier in the morning. 

I usually wake up between 5:30-6:00, practice yoga/meditation, eat breakfast, digest, gather my belongings, then leave. So, by the time I'm on the road, it's already 8:00 AM, sometimes later. And that doesn't cut it with the scorching sun.

When I left Daytona Beach, it was nearly 9 AM, and I'd be headed southwest towards Apopka/Orlando. I'd be leaving my Atlantic companion for a few days; we have been getting to know one another quite well. There is much to learn from the natural rhythm of the ocean and the way in which it selflessly returns to the shore no matter how many times it is turned away. It retracts and returns. Contracts and expands. 

Like the breath.

The distance between 'home' in Daytona and 'home' in Apopka was 62 miles, a much shorter distance in comparison to previous rides. But leaving the shore and heading further south meant one thing: it would be hotter and more humid.

I paced myself, trying to bring the Buddha on the bike, stopping often for water. It seemed that no matter how much water I drank, the amount I was burning off mixed with the intensity of the sun, was truly exhausting me.

I eventually stopped for a good while to rehydrate and sit out the migraine I had, now only 10 miles away from 'home' in Apopka. 

When I arrived, I was glad. I'd be spending several nights there with a lovely family (Terry, Dave, Anna), and I looked forward to the upcoming classes.

Classes in Orlando were with youth from the Boys and Girls Club at John H Jackson Community Center. Two classes, about 20-25 students each, ages 7-15.

Earlier in the day I received my usual "You're going to Carter Street?" and "You're going to Parramore (neighborhood)?" Followed by, "Be careful."

Stopping in Apopka/Orlando for a few days was exactly what I needed to recharge with good company and good food. Each moment prepares me for the next, in ways that are not always obvious to me at the time.

I looked forward to returning to my Atlantic companion for lessons in expansion and growth, retracting and returning. 

The most natural of all rhythms.

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