Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Some updates...

1) The ProjectSPACE fundraiser has been going so well I was able to order the bike, and I will be building it this upcoming weekend! 

2) Aside from training and fundraising, I have been finalizing the stops on the tour and it is so inspiring to be connected with so many good humans who are doing great work with Yoga.

3) Here's the finalized list of cities Ill be teaching in:
-Newtown, PA
-Philadelphia, PA
-Wilmington, DE
-Baltimore, MD
-Washington, D.C.
-Fredericksburg, VA
-Richmond, VA
-Raleigh, NC
-Fayetteville, NC
-Columbia, SC
-Augusta, GA
-Atlanta, GA
-Jacksonville, FL
-Daytona Beach, FL
-Orlando, FL
-Fort Pierce, FL
-Miami, FL

4) Only $225 away from reaching the fundraising goal on IndieGoGo! All donations are being used for materials necessary to make the ProjectSPACE bike tour possible.

5) Thank you all so much for your endless support. It is your support which fuels my motivation to make such a journey possible

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